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A National Showground / Droning On

Happy New Year!

We welcome in 2019 with a fantastic new client. Pemberton leisure homes.

Before Pemberton became our clients I wasn't aware that the caravan industry is centred around Hull with lots of the main players based there. Why would I? Pemberton’s Wigan location can be problematic in terms of customer access to their showground for large parts of the UK.

Pemberton also attends around six large caravan expos per year, taking a couple of their models to each show but never the full range. They needed a simple and effective way to take their range to the masses.

The Glendale is one of their Largest Homes

Pemberton contacted us fully aware of the impact the virtual tour technology would have on showcasing their excellent leisure homes and we were happy to go to their showground in Wigan to scan their entire product range.

Looking good

Each model’s finished tour captured the quality of design, fit and finish of the entire product range. Equally important, the tours contained interactive tags featuring floorplans, video, alternative bedroom layouts, exterior photos and pdf brochure links as well as hyperlinks to further product info pages in their website as well as phone numbers to contact the sales team.

Scanning creates a 3D model of the lodge as well as a walkthrough in 4K resolution.

Needless to say, the initial responses were extremely positive from Pemberton’s sales team who immediately loved the tours and are finding them very useful as a further powerful marketing and sales tool.The team are also passing the URL’s to their caravan site clients to assist them in the marketing of Pemberton leisure homes on their own caravan sites.

To visit the Glendale virtual tour click here

Droning On

We’re also happy to announce that this month we have made the first steps into becoming licenced drone operators.

A PFCO is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority after a theory and practical test.

We will be enhancing our tours with aerial video and stills once we are in possession of our PFCO which operators need by law to fly safely and legally in the UK on commercial work.

We’ve chosen Heliguy as our supplier of drones and training and must say so far I’ve been massively impressed. Watch this (air) space!!

UPDATE: August 2019.

Pemberton’s 2019 range virtual tours have had in excess of 13,000 visitors since going live on their website in March. A massive increase in potential customers compared to the number of people who can easily access their showground in Wigan to view their product range. We have in effect created a 24/7 showground that can be viewed in any part of the country/ world thanks to the highly visible tour integration on their website too.

The Wigan based caravan manufacturers have also used the tech to show their full product range at recent caravan expos to great effect. We are also looking into display solutions for them to allow easy user access to the tours on their stand.

The client is so happy with the 2019 range tours, we are currently scanning their 2020 range.

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